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Who we are


Synergy Alliance is a persistent and growing consulting firm, which provides consulting services to clients (development partners/NGOs entrepreneurs, govt. or non-govt. institution/programs/projects, business enterprises, and any legal person) to be an impactful, innovative, efficient and leading consulting firm in Bangladesh.


We provide quality consultancy services as a trusted partner and objective and results-oriented research, analysis, solutions and recommendations to clients especially to business enterprises, development partners/NGOs, entrepreneurs, individuals, govt. or non-govt. institution and any legal person
We develop long-term relationships with our clients based on professional due care, competency and code of ethics.
We consider the principles of sustainable development and excellence.

Values and Code of Ethics


We serve: We maintain:
Quality Accountability
Innovation Integrity
Betterment Transparency
Differentiation Commitment

Code of Ethics:

  • Maintain professional due care and competency
  • Comply with professional standard, laws and regulations of the land
  • Maintain hhealthy and fair ccompetition
  • Ensure equal opportunity of works for all (irrespective of gender and race)
  • Employment of child labour is strictly prohibited
  • Maintain health and hygiene rules at work place
  • Avoid Conflict of Interest strictly
  • No luxury or high value gifts are accepted, and all monetary gifts are strictly prohibited.
  • Maintain transparency of operation and guarantee that our organization, its parent parent, subsidiaries and any other organizations with an interest of more than 10%, are not involved in any of the following activities:
  • arms manufacture;
  • the sale or export of arms or strategic services to governments which systematically violate the human rights of their citizens, or where there is internal armed conflict or major tensions, or where the sale of arms may jeopardise regional peace and security.
  • Tobacco production and sale
  • the sale of baby milks outside the WHO Code of Conduct or any goods or services as prohibited by laws of the land;
  • pesticide sales outside the FAO guidelines for pesticide retailing;
  • extractive industries
  • are seen to be party political
  • any other activities as prohibited by laws of the land

Our Team (Key Consultants):

Unit Consultant
Management Consultancy Senior Fellow Chartered AccountantsSenior Fellow Cost and Management AccountantUniversity Teachers and PhD HoldersSenior Consultant having longstanding Relevant Experiences
Research Senior Research FellowUniversity Teachers and PhD HoldersQualified Research Coordinators and Associates ( all experienced exceeding 10 years)A team of Experienced Filed Supervisors and Data Quality Controllers (all experienced exceeding 10 years)A Group of Experienced Male (26) and Female (22) Enumerators (all experienced over 5 years and male and female are about equal in ratio) 
Media Experienced National Winner DirectorExperienced National Winner Script Writer  
Legal Barristers at lawsSenior Advocates